Agile Prague 2024

The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Open Space

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


Presentations 2023

We hope you enjoyed the confernece. Here are the presentation and links from the speakers. Note that links might appear later as when speakers share their slides: 


Alex Sloley: The Best Agile Metrics – Everything Else Sucks!!!

Alex Sloley: Agile Cheer - Bring It On!

Alexey Krivitsky and Roland Flemm: Discovering Org Topologies: Towards Better Organizations

Anastasiia Zimenkova: Agile Transformation in Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

Andrea Provaglio: What Agile can learn from Lean Manufacturing — and viceversa

Angelina Dimova: The 3 Secret Techniques Great Agile Coaches use for Successful Coaching

Bas Vodde: Maximizing Dependencies with Interdependent Teams

Bert Fabry: The Psychology of Change - workshop

Bogoy Bogdanov and Nikola Bogdanov: OKRs Applied

Chris Stone: 50 Shades of Retrospective - Levelling up your continuous improvement game

Daryl Seager, Eliška Čejpová: The Art of Active Listening: Enhancing Communication Skills

Denis Salnikov: Teams Self-design: Benefits & Side-effects

Gil Broza: Level up your value delivery: Making effective choices

Giuseppe De Simone: Leadership in today’s world

Giuseppe De Simone: Shaping organizational culture beyond wishful thinking

Jaka Kladnik and Nina Pozderec: From agile teams to agile organisation: a journey of a marketing agency

Jakub Perlak: Learning Agility - how to design your own simulation

John Barratt: Clean Up Your Agile Outcomes

Jurgen De Smet: The Illusions And Magic Of Project Management

Marc Lustig: The 10 traps of agile transformations and how to overcome them with scaled intent leadership

Michelle Prosser-Roberts: Agile Musical Chairs

Pat Guariglia: Quiet Resistance | An understated force

Pavol Kováč: How to build internet banking from scratch? The pitfalls of distributed development and how to succeed.

Pete Behrens: Innovation Culture: A 4-Year Journey

Pete Behrens: What We Are (Re)Learning About Leadership

Rickard Jones: Power Up! your Enterprise Agile Coaching with practices for catalysing Business Agility

Sally Sloley: Lack of curiosity: The silent killer of agile transformations

Soma Mazumder: Adaptability- a toolkit for survival

Vinnie Gill: Working with Other Agile Coaches - Ohhhh, THE DRAMA!!!

Vladimir Vojtisek: How to build a customer portal from scratch