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The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

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Pat Guariglia

Pat Guariglia

Pat is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Practitioner, and certified with the Project Management Institute as a PMP. He was instrumental in bringing Scrum into a New York State Government Agency, and helped that organization adopt agile methodologies. While piloting a critical agile project with that agency, his team won a New York State award for best practices in management. He has been leading information technology projects for over ten years. He started his IT project management career at General Electric Power Systems and is currently with Experis as a consultant and agile coach.

Pat continues to coach and mentor agile Scrum teams, individuals and management at all levels of maturity. He is the organizer of the Upstate New York Agile User Group, and is a member of the New York City Scrum User Group. Pat is a featured author of articles for the Scrum Alliance and other agile-related blogs such as the PM Boulevard Newsletter. He was a recent speaker at the Agile 2010 conference and participated as a stage reviewer for the Agile Project Management stage. Pat continues to co-train certified Scrum Master classes, hold agile workshops, and speak at local and regional events.


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I am the author of online articles:
"AgiLeaks: What Would WikiLeaks Say About Government IT Projects?" Scrum Alliance|March 18, 2011
Extract: I was doing research the other day and came across an interesting article on about an FBI information technology (IT) project that was estimated to cost approximately $451 million. When the article was written, in October 2010, the project was a year and a half behind schedule and $100 million over budget... What if WikiLeaks put out information about the government's knowledge of...

"Getting Dirty with Scrum"|October 29, 2010
Extract: Scrum teams just look different. From their faded whiteboards to their discarded post-it notes, Scrum teams make their mark just by doing their job.

"Managing Myopia with Release Burndowns"|May 25, 2010
Extract: The burndown chart is one of the staples of Scrum. Many of us use and love it... From time to time, however, project sponsors, functional managers, and others on the periphery misunderstand its purpose.

"Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Jumping"|January 12, 2010
Extract: Like many people trying to implement a Scrum/Agile project for the first time in an organization, I encountered a number of obstacles that were almost project killers.


First-Time Implementation of Agile & Scrum at a New York State Government Agency

Like many IT organizations in state government agencies, this New York State Government Agency primarily used Waterfall. I implemented the agency's first agile projects. I was challenged by the agency's unique environment, learned lessons, discovered systemic problems, overcame organizational obstacles and changed misconceptions. I will discuss what I've learned during this award-winning project and make recommendations for others in bureaucratic companies and government agencies. The agency’s projects are moving to agile/scrum and the institution's IT group is incorporating agile into its PM and SDLC methodologies.