AgilePrague 2022

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Mon-Tue September 19-20, 2022 @ PRAGUE


Agile Prague Conference is building a unique collaborative environment where participants not only listen to the speakers but are encouraged to approach them and have a conversation together.


The conference is in English.

Agile Prague 2019 - Press release

We just published Agile Prague 2019 official press release. It's available in CTK news service (in Czech) [PDF version].

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Agile Prague 2019 is sold out. there's only possibility to join 1-day Design Thinking workshop.

Agile Prague 2018 - Press release

We just published Agile Prague 2018 official press release. It's available in CTK news service (in Czech) [PDF version].

Agile Prague 2018 is sold out

Agile Prague 2018 Conference is sold out. You can still get your registration to the conference with one of our combo packages and join conference  + David Hussman Product Discovery or Delivery workshop, CSM, CSPO or CAL. 

Discovery workshop by David Hussman plus free 2-days registration.


Open Space

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


Johannes Brodwall

Johannes Brodwall

As principal solution architect in Steria Norway, Johannes Brodwall cares about most aspects of software development projects. He’s involved in bidding for large public sector projects and as such, participates in the public debate about contracts in relationship with Agile software projects. His real passion, however, is writing code that works. In order to have time to code, he finds he needs to help out fixing the issues of current contract standards.

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Agile Contracts, an oxymoron?

"Customer collaboration over contract negotiation", the Agile Manifesto reads. But what if the customer is only willing to collaborate with suppliers who will give a fixed price bid for a contract?

In order to address this issue the Norwegian public sector has adopted two contract standards around Scrum. Johannes has participated in projects using these contract standards, as well the discussion around their creation.

In this talk, he shares the experience of working with Scrum and target price project in the public sector and his thoughts on what the next generation of Agile Contracts ought to look like.


Agile Programming Live

Good programming is not something that can be explained, it has to be experienced. In this talk, you will see pair programming and test-driven development in action. The talk will involve the audience and draw on your insight to show how programming can be more fun! If you want to understand how serious test-driven development looks, this talk is for you.

In this talk, Johannes will demonstrate pair programming, test-driven development and refactoring with a local developer. After the demonstration, the audience is invited to reflect on what they witnessed and how this demonstration relates to their every day development practice.

Johannes is looking for local developers to pair program with for this talk. If you’re a Java, JavaScript or Ruby developer with a few years experience who would like to some really cool tricks and gain some local credibility as a developer, please contact him at @jhannes on Twitter.


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