Early bird registration ends in one week

The early bird registration for 7th season of Agile Prague ends in one week. If you don’t have your registration, it’s good time to secure your place at Agile Prague.

Great support from Certified Scrum Trainers & Coaches and Scrum Alliance

We are proud that Agile Prague gets so strong support from Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches community from Scrum Alliance.

We have among our speakers the following great Certified Scrum Trainers and Certified Enterprise Coaches: Alexey Krivitsky, Angel Diaz-Maroto, James Schiel, Peter Stevens, Petri Heiramo, Steven G. Spearman, and Zuzana ‘Zuzi’ Sochova.

And even more Scrum Alliance is our gold sponsor.

Coaches Clinic at Agile Prague

This year we present the Coaches Clinic for the first time at Agile Prague. The experienced Agile Coaches will be ready to advice or answer your questions. Just come and sign up for the free coaching session. The Coaches Clinic will be available during both days at the conference lobby. The Coaches Clinic will be prepared and organized by Certified Enterprise Coaches, Certified Scrum Trainers and other experienced Agile coaches.

About Creative Storyboarding for Business workshop

We organize one-day workshop from Stuart Young: Creative Storyboarding for Business as part of the Agile Prague Conference.

Creative Storyboarding is a powerful business tool, which can be used to aid alignment and stakeholder engagement. Why settle for complex process maps and weighty project plans, when you can express your message in a visual way, that will resonate better with your stakeholders?

How to Use Creative Storyboarding for Business - read more in Stuart Young's blog post

Register here and join the workshop.

Earl bird registration ends in less than two weeks

The early bird registration for 7th season of Agile Prague ends in less than two weeks. It’s good time to secure your place at Agile Prague. There are several reasons to do that now.

Registration for Agile Prague conference is possible via Eventbrite as well

You can register for our Agile Prague conference here on our webpage. In this case, we prefer payment via wire transfer. If you prefer for any reason payment via credit card, you can see our listing at Eventbrite and register there. We’ll provide you with the invoice after the payment.

Full Agile Prague Week 2017

The Agile Prague conference is the first event of our ‘Full Agile Prague Week 2017’. It’s followed by a workshop with great selection – Modern Agile by Joshua Kerievsky or Creative Storyboarding for Business by Stuart Young. It’s finished by new certification class CAL - Certified Agile Leadership (Scrum Alliance).

Conference workshop: Modern Agile by Joshua Kerievsky

Much has changed since the publishing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. Joshua Kerievsky is coming to explain his idea about Modern Agile.

Conference workshop: Creative Storyboarding for Business by Stuart Young

We organize one-day workshop from Stuart Young: Creative Storyboarding for Business as part of the Agile Prague conference.

The first 15 registrations for super early bird price are sold out

It was really fast. The first 15 registrations for super early bird price are sold out in less than one day. Thank you for your support!

Early bird period ends on 30 June 2017. It’s still enough time to secure registration for early bird price.

List of the speakers is still increasing

The first version of the Agile Prague 2017 program is ready and online. But we are still working on it and we’ll be adding more speakers soon. Check the already confirmed names.

The already confirmed 3 keynote speakers are:

-    Linda Rising will help us to address conflicts,
-    Joshua Kerievsky (Agile Manifesto co-author) will introduce his Modern Agile concept,
-    Johanna Rothman will talk about Agile program management.

Registration for 7th season is open

Agile Prague 2017 registration is already open. If you want to get super early-bird discounted registration you have to be fast. We have only 15 limited seats for this price. And some of the are already gone… :-)

Early bird period ends on 30 June 2017.

Looking for Speakers 2017

Agile Prague 2017 is looking for speakers. Be fast to get the first program review round at the end of March. 

Submit your proposal here or see more details at speaker's section.

Petr Douša - Power of Agile UX

Petr Dousa /Czech Republic/

Petr Dousa /Czech Republic/ is a UX team of one at Kerio Technologies in Pilsen. He started to establish UX design in the company two years ago, after being web application developer and project manager. Now he works on integrating UX into agile team.

Recently he was jury member for UX in WebTop100, competition of top Czech websites. Before Kerio, Petr worked in Prvni Multimedialni, leading Czech web agency, with clients like Audi, Allianz and Nokia. He also co-founded, which pioneered live photo and sound streaming from music parties already in 1997. Petr is interested in social media and blogs at



twitter PetrDousa

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Power of Agile UX

User experience design in an agile team is exciting. Design ideas come to life in real product during just weeks, which gives very fast user feedback and feels good. In contrast, sequential (waterfall) process in our company resulted in design specifications, which may have got implemented after years of waiting, becoming obsolete, or never at all.

In this talk I summarize 1.5-year experience with UX design in an agile team, working on a web calendar project. I’ll describe how we adapted traditional UX tools and techniques so that they now have a more lightweight form, how they fit into agile process, and which ones we have dropped completely.

Attendees will get practical advice on the following topics:

- Agile usability testing. How to conduct frequent short tests instead of sporadic big ones, and fix only the top problems. How to make whole team observe and evaluate the test in less than a day.
- Co-design workshops. Having users, stakeholders and developers sketch collaboratively allows all great ideas to appear (and everyone can have one), while increasing a long-term understanding that users differ from us.
- Working with user feedback, from few-minute usability test of a sketch to using screenshots of future functionality in their actual place in the product.
- How far ahead of coding should design start? Starting too soon means wasted time on documentation, so that we don’t forget stuff until coding starts. Starting too late may block the team completely, waiting for UX design, or result in low quality of the design.