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September is an Agile month

September is an Agile month. At least you can make it very Agile.

Join AgilePrague Sep 16-17, Women In Agile Prague Sep 18, and Regional Scrum Gathering Stockholm Sep 9-10. Three conferences, great learning. Register today to get early bird ticket.

Enjoy #AgileSeptember!

Agile Prague 2024

The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Open Space

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


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Sponsors and Partners 2011

Agile Prague Conference is the first agile confenence in the heart of Prague.

The event brings together the managers, developers, testers, and other IT industry professionals interested in the agile software development.

For more information about sponsorship see the sections below:

Platinum Sponsors




At IBM, we strive to lead in the innovation of the industry's most advanced information technologies. Jazz is a next-generation technology platform for collaborative software delivery, leveraging open standards and built by Agile teams for Agile teams. 

Our core Agile offering is Rational Team Concert which includes dashboards, change management, Agile planning, source code management and build automation. Organizations that have adopted Rational Team Concert have realized developer productivity increases of 50% while reducing project overrun cost by as much as 20%.

IBM is the leader in scaling Agile practices by providing Agile process templates to extend Scrum to the entire solution delivery lifecycle.

As a part of the Agile Prague Conference we have special dicsount offer to the Disciplined Agile Delivery (RP252) Course

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance

The Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization with global membership, committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices.  Agile Alliance supports those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices in order to make the software industry more productive, humane and sustainable. We share our passion to deliver software better everyday.



Gold Sponsors


CA Technologies

CA Technologies

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is an IT management software and solutions company with deep expertise across all IT environments-from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. CA Technologies offers a practical approach to innovation with reliable solutions that empower our customers to better control the growing complexity of their diverse IT environments, with products that provide the insight and control essential to power business agility, manage and secure IT environments, and deliver more flexible IT services. Relied on by the majority of the Global Fortune 500 to manage their evolving IT ecosystems, CA Technologies makes business agility possible.





If you read through all that marketing blurb around, you really deserve a price. And we have one for you - a special discount for Agile Prague and Web Expo 2011 conference. You just need to answer the following simple (or maybe not so simple) questions:

a) Which programming languages are used in development of  Kerio products?
b) Where is the Kerio development team located?
c) Who is Pepin?

Send your correct answers to to get the discount code for your registration.

And YES, Kerio is hiring, so if you're smart (no one wants to hire dumb people, right?), check out the list of open positions and send your CV to





In line with its decision to radically streamline and accelerate product development, in July this year LMC switched to "agile development". LMC took the decision to change its development method in late 2010, when it launched the large-scale Rediscovery programme that would lead to the recent transition to agile development. Each LMC product now has its own dedicated product team.

All product development is now realized using SCRUM agile methodology with Atlassian's tried and tested agile development management tools. We are starting to learn how to break down large tasks into small tasks. The whole testing, build and release process has undergone automation, thus minimizing manual labour.

We already have several sprints and releases behind us as we make the transition to the new product development method, but still have a long way to go.




Silver Sponsors




CoolPeople operates as a leading IT  resources provider (IT sourcing broker) on lease (bodyshopping) to our client's projects. Is situated in the Czech Republic with other offices in Slovakia and Romania. CoolPeople is placed in the list of TOP 5 IT resource providers and our goal is to wide spread to the Western European countries. Main added value is a wide portfolio of IT specialist (12 000+) who we can be fast and flexible provided with special conditions from countries of Central and East Europe which are part of the EU. is and will be a Czech company oriented to the Czech market.

Our employees participate in the production of unique Internet solutions; our services are useful, simple and reliable. offers free high-quality services to users, and also helps them to find the searched for solutions on the Internet.

We also offer information, entertainment as well as communication possibilities on the Internet, which we promote as safe and barrier-free.

And last but not least, we help our clients by effective advertising and thus  support enterprise in the Czech Republic.



We, at ScrumDesk, support agile transitions of companies by our unique agile project management solutions, coaching and trainings program.

A visibility is brought to teams with support of agile experts helping us to wrap all Scrum artifacts, roles and ceremonies into an intuitive agile solutions.  Tools are designed to provide fluid, intuitive and natural approach of the agile product management via task boards, index cards and agile metrics. 

Coaching we do is built on an expertise gained in transitions of ISV and enterprise companies. We and our partners help with a training of teams and management, practices and tools, processes adaptation and organization transitions.

Let us to guide you to be the next successful agile house.







SimpleWAY was founded by Jakub Maler and Andrej Zachar in 2005. The company's headquarters is located in the wider center of Prague, the Czech Republic.

In its early years, the company provided software development services to various international companies such as Telefonica O2, CSOB, Polarion, or T-Mobile. We perfected our high-level developer skills by developing a number of high-profile web, mobile and desktop applications on the Java platform. The company's software development practice is driven by ideas articulated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Later, when Petr Otoupal joined the company, a complete reorganization started with the aim of offering specific products instead of general development services. In that moment, a new independent team was formed within the company - the Passenger Information System team. It focuses primarily on applications for large travel hubs regarding passenger way-finding solutions and public voice announcements.   In 2006, SimpleVOX was installed at the Prague airport and proved a great success. This year, the company intends to install SimpleVOX in Vancouver. It will become the new voice of the airport there!

Curiosity: Simple Way is involved in the installation of the world's second largest Bosch Praesidio PA system.

Webexpo Prague 2011

WebExpo Prague 2011

WebExpo Prague 2011 is bringing International and Czech stars from the web community. The headliners are Douglas Crockford (US), Luke Wroblewski (US) and John Vanhara (US/CZ). There will be more than 70 other sessions.

Join thousand attendees and enjoy unforgettable atmosphere of this unique event in Prague. The conference is targeted for Web DevelopersWeb Designers and Online Marketers.

Get a 10 % discount for the tickets with coupon AGILEPRAGUE on the link:


Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague





Agilní Asociace

Agilní Asociace / Agile Association Czech Republic

Agile Association / Agilni Asociace is a non-profit organisation of "agilists" in the Czech republic.

The main goal is to increase knowledge about Agile methods in general and to create a communication platform for sharing of knowledge and experience from Agile approaches.

Direct Pojistovna

Direct Pojistovna







DNS - The Enterprise Systems Distributor

DNS - The Enterprise Systems Distributor

DNS company belongs to a group of companies The eD´system Czech, it is the largest IT value added distributor on the Czech market.

DNS provides its business partners with the world´s leading technology manufacturers, excellent service, both in pre-sales phase, implementation, and post-sales. All products and services are delivered to end users indirectly - through a network of authorized partners. Value-added distribution includes any investment in strong technical background, including technical advice. In particular, the emphasis is on excellent customer service.



LOTOFIDEA is not just a typical web design studio. We are different. To us an Internet presentation is not just a product, but it is a part of our service.

We provide much more: we truly listen to our clients and their needs; we assist them in running their business. We are glad to see them succeed. Since we know we offer high level services, we can afford to take on a bit of our clients' business risk. We are therefore not afraid to let you pay in monthly payments instead of one bigger payment without any experience.

We don´t just offer quality and professional solutions, but in the first place smart and profitable solutions. More than 4000 satisfied customers already know these words are worth a try. Join us and get your own experience!



A new section of the server named (name is a slang Czech word for "source code") is primarily inteded for the web application developers, coders and web designers of all skill levels. Its goal is to focus on the actual progress in the development of sites and contribute to the education of new web developers. The web informs not only about the existing technologies, but also about news and trends from the web browsers, reviews of professional books and interviews with leading experts in this field.