Conference workshops 2024

Join the workshops organized together with Agile Prague 2024 and learn:

September is an Agile month

September is an Agile month. At least you can make it very Agile.

Join AgilePrague Sep 16-17, Women In Agile Prague Sep 18, and Regional Scrum Gathering Stockholm Sep 9-10. Three conferences, great learning. Register today to get early bird ticket.

Enjoy #AgileSeptember!

Agile Prague 2024

The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Open Space

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


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Sponsors and Partners 2022

Agile Prague is an annual event organized by Agilni Asociace of the Czech Republic. The main purpose of the event is to bring together IT professionals from many fields, such as development, quality assurance and software engineering management. All of these professionals have one thing in common - interest in agile & lean practices and willingness to change their companies to the better.

Gold Sponsors

Komercni banka

Komerční banka

KOMERČNÍ BANKA ranks among the leading banking institutions in CEE and provides services to more than 1.6 million retail, corporate and investment banking clients. KB is a proud member of the Société Générale Group, where it serves as a referential bank for the Agile@Scale transformation. The transformation has affected not only the technological part of the bank, which builds upon successful cooperation of more than 1200 professionals, but the business part as well. We have achieved that the agile principles and culture pervade into every part of our company and are not strictly limited only to the delivery. Our Group signature „The Future Is You“ reaffirms our commitment to serving our customers. Our mission is to empower each and every one who wants to positively impact the future.



Betsys: We are the largest supplier of sportsbetting solution in Central and Eastern Europe. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that are needed to cover full spectrum of betting (sports betting, live, retail, virtual sports, casino). Equipment from offices and registration offices across wagering application for bookies to online betting and online games.

Our longtime goal is to be a strong partner with a specialized know-how of betting systems development.
WOOD & Company

WOOD & Company

WOOD & Company is the leading investment bank in Emerging Europe focused on providing corporate finance services, securities brokerage, and asset management.

Founded in 1991 and head-quartered in Prague, our footprint spans the region and touches investors around the globe.



SolarWinds: Simple. Powerful. Secure IT.


Scrum Alliance

Founded in 2001, Scrum Alliance® is the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit association that has certified more than 750,000 practitioners worldwide. Its vision is to help “Transform the World of Work” with a mission to guide and inspire individuals, leaders, and organizations with practices, principles, and values that create workplaces that are joyful, prosperous, and sustainable. For more information, please visit

Through Scrum Alliance, you have access to a world of learning and resources that will help you succeed with Scrum in the software development industry and beyond..


ShiwaForce is one of the fastest growing companies -following the agile methodology- in the innovative online solutions space. They deliver tailored digital user solutions for the financial and telecommunication industries that are driving real business results. They also teach their practical knowledge of business and organizational agility and their self-developed, agile and lean manufacturing and management methodologies at exec level management trainings.


Partners - Agile coaching and trainings - Agile coaching and training

We help companies and individuals to be more successful.

Teaching teams and their managers how to be more efficient, how to provide better quality and how to communicate and organize teams so that people have fun, they are motivated and have high commitment. I help them to find out how to handle customer relationship so that customer satisfaction is much higher than it used to be.

Agile is not only a new methodology, it's a culture which is hard to implement if you haven't experienced it yourself. I had implemented it many times already, in many different companies, so  I can help you to implement it in your environment, the way you need it.

See more about Agile coaching and training.


Agilní Asociace

Agilní Asociace / Agile Association Czech Republic

Agile Association / Agilni Asociace is a non-profit organisation of "agilists" in the Czech republic.

The main goal is to increase knowledge about Agile methods in general and to create a communication platform for sharing of knowledge and experience from Agile approaches.
Agile Austria Conference

Agile Austria Conference 2019

Changing the way we work has reached so many people and companies. Agile can be found and heard at any corner. It helps people and companies to simplify their way of working, and get more value out of it. It became almost a de-facto standard. But still the questions why, how to, and how did others approach it are present and important to be asked. This is why we chose "The Road to Agile" as this year's theme with the underlying tracks "Why Agile", "How To: Agile", and "Case Studies". With this year's Agile Austria Conference, we hope to help you further in your journey and to inspire even more people to join us. 

Agile Austria - 25. and 26. June 2019, WKO Graz.


Agilní Asociace

Scrum Expert

Scrum Expert  is a web site dedicated to present articles, blog posts, book reviews, tools, videos, news and other resources about Agile software development and project management with the Scrum approach. We also discuss related approaches like Lean, Kanban or XP (eXtreme Programming).


Agilní Asociace

Methods & Tools

Methods & Tools - Software Development Magazine - Project Management, Programming, Software Testing.


Agilní Asociace

Konference Projektový Management

Konference PM is one of the largest and most traditional PM conferences in the Czech Republic (it is going to be 13th year of the conference). It is taking place in Zlin (the city of Thomas Bata) on 18. and 19. of May 2019. It is organized as a noncommercial project by University of Thomas Bata and PM Consulting, so the focus is on PM topic itself rather than to some PR presentations.

The agenda contains topics from all PM practices –agile or predictive, hard and soft. The Value is based on high quality speakers. This year Karel Smutný, Ondřej Kavula, Mark Potsema or  Petr Novotný, for example. 

There are some unique characteristics – really much space for networking (there is a rich evening program), partnership with all major professional chambers (PMI, IPMA, Agile Association, etc.) and much more.