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The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


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Sponsors and Partners 2014

Agile Prague is an annual event organized by Agilni Asociace of the Czech Republic. The main purpose of the event is to bring together IT professionals from many fields, such as development, quality assurance and software engineering management. All of these professionals have one thing in common - interest in agile & lean practices and willingness to change their companies to the better.

Platinum Sponsors



Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries, services over 48 million customers and employs over 145,000 people.

Barclays’ Czech Republic office is located in Prague and focuses on IT development for the investment bank. Technology is a fundamental pillar of Barclays’ business. It gives us a competitive advantage in markets where micro-seconds count.

Barclays has a history of innovation, we introduced the world’s first ATM in 1967 and we always aim to leverage the smartest technologies and processes to help us deliver to the best of our ability. 



AVG was founded in 1991 with the express purpose of protecting people around the world using the latest in cutting edge security technologies. AVG gained success quickly and is now recognized as one of the biggest players in the security software market. AVG currently holds corporate offices in Europe such as in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Cyprus, UK, Germany, France; in the US such as in the Pensacola area in Florida, San Francisco Bay Area in California, Atlanta area in Georgia, Boston area in Massachusetts, Charlotte area in North Carolina; in the Middle East, in Israel; in Asia such as Beijing and Hong Kong in China.

AVG is uniquely positioned to spearhead innovation in the industry thanks to its employing some of the world’s leading experts in software development, threat detection, threat prevention and risk analysis. Not content to rest on its internationally recognized success, AVG continues to invest in R&D, teaming with leading universities to maintain its technological edge.

AVG has experienced significant growth in the last few years and continues to expand to address the needs of the global market through improved technology and broader language and platform support.​




EmbedIT is a 100% Czech IT Centre that provides development and operations services to Home Credit Group and Air Bank (PPF Group). Our internally developed applications serve more than 36 million customers in 10 countries incl. Russia and China. Our operations team manages 13 data centres distributed worldwide with a transaction volume exceeding 139 417 065 transactions per day. Our team of more than 600 professionals is located in 3 Czech cities: Brno, Ostrava, and Prague.

We need the best, the most flexible, the right freak to get things done! Check out our openings at or contact our recruiters at for positions in development, operations, architecture, project management and many more

Meet Real Challenge




Gold Sponsors


Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance

Become part of something bigger than you alone. Scrum Alliance  brings you together with like-minded people who are passionate about Scrum and who dream, explore – and live – project management brilliance every day. A nonprofit professional organization, we provide advocacy, community, and education to support this movement, equip our members, and help them succeed with Scrum in software development and beyond. Come sprint with us!







If you read through all that marketing blurb around, you really deserve a price. And we have one for you - a special discount for Agile Prague and Web Expo 2011 conference. You just need to answer the following simple (or maybe not so simple) questions:

a) Which programming languages are used in development of  Kerio products?
b) Where is the Kerio development team located?
c) Who is Pepin?

Send your correct answers to to get the discount code for your registration.

And YES, Kerio is hiring, so if you're smart (no one wants to hire dumb people, right?), check out the list of open positions and send your CV to


CA Technologies

CA Technologies

CA Technologies helps customers succeed in a future where every business—from apparel to energy—is being rewritten by software. From planning to development to management to security, at CA we create software that fuels transformation for companies in the application economy. With CA software at the center of their IT strategy, organizations can leverage the technology that changes the way we live—from the data center to the mobile device. 

The Prague Technology Center, opened in 2005, has become a key development office for CA Technologies. With a talented workforce of around 300 software professionals, our office is one of the largest software development employers in Prague. Our local portfolio contains over 35 diverse software products. We’re located on The Park Business Campus in Prague 4, Chodov, just a few minutes’ walk from the metro. Learn more about our technology center at



Skype and Lync are for doing things together, whenever you’re apart.

We make it simple to share experiences – big or small - with the people that matter to you, wherever they are.

Our technology lets people work with colleagues, hold a meeting, share stories, celebrate birthdays, learn a language – just about anything you need to do together every day.

Our work environment is unique, motivational, dynamic and fast- paced, and our teams are the same, diverse and full of inspiration.

It’s all made possible by the people who work here. And you could be one of them.





We are a global social media analytics company. Our products help social media marketers to monitor, measure and compare data from major social networks and help them to make a breakthrough in social media.

We have offices all around the world and we are working for clients from 75 countries representing every continent. We have more than 300 and still growing at supersonic speeds. But still, we are a great team.

And if you’re wondering whether we’re hiring, the answer is yes. We are constantly looking for great people. Check out, (in czech) or (in english) and JOIN US!


Acision connects the world by powering relevant, seamless mobile engagement services which interoperate across all IP platforms and enrich the end user experience. Our proven products, continued innovation and experienced people enable Operators and Enterprises to translate business challenges into new opportunities in today’s disruptive mobile ecosystem.

Acision’s recognized expertise comes from its 20 year heritage, with a proven portfolio of leading-edge services and based on business insights and best-in-class technology platform. With a 40% messaging market share, 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest mobile operators form part of our 300 customers globally.

To stay at the forefront of mobile services, we believe in providing an environment that stimulates ideas, creativity and innovation - supporting this with an AGILE process. Be part of shaping mobile innovation and building a better connected world!



Over the last three decades, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play and connect through great technology. We are inspired every day by the genuine belief that we can change the world for the better. On our website you’ll find out more about how we are driving advances in cloud computing, developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, at work and on the move, while transforming education and public services and supporting the economy.


Zoom Interantional

Zoom International

ZOOM International provides interaction recording and quality management for Contact Center and Unified Communications environments focused on Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys platforms. ZOOM Quality Management Suite is a solution for compliance and quality management. It includes interaction recording, screen capture, agent evaluation, live monitoring, speech analytics and workforce management integration. 




Silver Sponsors



At IBM, we strive to lead in the innovation of the industry's most advanced information technologies. Jazz is a next-generation technology platform for collaborative software delivery, leveraging open standards and built by Agile teams for Agile teams. 

Our core Agile offering is Rational Team Concert which includes dashboards, change management, Agile planning, source code management and build automation. Organizations that have adopted Rational Team Concert have realized developer productivity increases of 50% while reducing project overrun cost by as much as 20%.

IBM is the leader in scaling Agile practices by providing Agile process templates to extend Scrum to the entire solution delivery lifecycle. 



Etnetera ranks among the leading and largest Czech website and web application developers, concentrating on projects that are ambitious in their size, innovation, and influence. Coding websites is an established craft, but the key to success lies in the presentation's true benefits. This is where Etnetera excels and is sought-after on the Czech market for its experienced consultants, fair and communicative approach, and proven results. Etnetera has earned a number of foreign and Czech awards: Company of the Year in Prague 2009, Responsible Company of the Year in Prague 2010, Best Employer in the Czech Republic (top 3 finish three years in a row), repeated wins at the Internet Effectiveness Awards, IBA, Deloitte Fast50, etc. Our clients include Allianz, Ahold, ČSOB leasing, Datart, Fortuna, Import Volkswagen Group, Nivea, Telefónica O2, Siemens, and Škoda Auto, among others.

Small company, great solutions. KomTeSa is registered Atlassian Experts for the Czech Republic structuring information for two decades. Working as developers and system integrators we implement IT projects with the help of JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian tools. However, our clients use them in all sectors and it’s our job to make sure their businesses profit from Atlassian with absolute maximum.
We provide professional consultations , selling licences, hosting, implementing, training and  custom development. Let´s discuss together how to empower Atlassian Experts’ services in your business.


Partners - Agile coaching and trainings - Agile coaching and trainings

I help companies and individuals to be more successful.

Teaching teams and their managers how to be more efficient, how to provide better quality and how to communicate and organize teams so that people have fun, they are motivated and have high commitment. I help them to find out how to handle customer relationship so that the customer satisfaction is much higher than it used to be.

Agile is not only a new methodology, it's a culture which is hard to implement if you haven't experienced it yourself. I had implemented it many times already, in many different companies, so I can help you to implement it in your environment, the way you need it.

See more about Agile coaching and trainings.


GOPAS IT training center is the largest information technology training provider on the Czech and Slovak markets. Despite operating on a quite small market, GOPAS is one of the major IT training providers in Europe. Its technical courses are annually attended by almost 30,000 students, mostly IT specialists. GOPAS has 3 branches (Prague, Brno - Czech Republic and Bratislava - Slovakia) with 41 computer classrooms on its own premises and 4 mobile learning labs.

GOPAS provides complex services in computer training field and uses it‘s abilities to create new products and services to meeting customer’s needs. GOPAS IT training center provides high-quality services which enable it‘s customers to achieve their strategic goals by using the information technologies efficiently.

Modern Management is a B2B monthly focusing on new trends in management – the manager’s digest.  It features foreign and domestic know-how relevant to organization and management, managerial skills and human resources management, research analyses and results, case studies, and experience from company management. The title Modern management find new topics focused on HRM. The title has newsletter MR, HR a CSR.

Target audience: Representatives of top management, entrepreneurs, professionals in consulting.

Readership: CEOs and managing directors; executives; business proprietors; sales, financial HR and marketing directors;  consultancy employees; MBA programme students.

Webexpo Prague 2011

WebExpo Prague

WebExpo Prague 2014 Conference is the largest gathering of web developers, web designers, online marketers and entrepreneurs in Central Europe. 



Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty of Information Technology has been established as the eighth faculty of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Faculty offers study programs whch are aimed especially at applicants interested in the domains of Computer Science or Computer Engineering. It covers the most important Computer Science topics. The main goal is to equip our graduates with a set of theoretical and practical knowledge in order to enable them to solve real-world problems using engineering methods and computers, or to study and develop more theoretical parts of computer science. Our graduates know how computers work, and why they work that way.



Agilní Asociace

Agilní Asociace / Agile Association Czech Republic

Agile Association / Agilni Asociace is a non-profit organisation of "agilists" in the Czech republic.

The main goal is to increase knowledge about Agile methods in general and to create a communication platform for sharing of knowledge and experience from Agile approaches.



LOTOFIDEA is not just a typical web design studio. We are different. To us an Internet presentation is not just a product, but it is a part of our service.

We provide much more: we truly listen to our clients and their needs; we assist them in running their business. We are glad to see them succeed. Since we know we offer high level services, we can afford to take on a bit of our clients' business risk. We are therefore not afraid to let you pay in monthly payments instead of one bigger payment without any experience.

We don´t just offer quality and professional solutions, but in the first place smart and profitable solutions. More than 4000 satisfied customers already know these words are worth a try. Join us and get your own experience!