Attendee Information 2023

Agile Prague conference is getting closer. Please come to the registration desk at 8:30 am so we allow the conference to start on time. The conference is on September 18-19, 2023. 

Agile Prague 2024

The next year of Agile Prague Conference is going to be Sep 16-17, 2024.


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Conference workshops 2023

Conference workshops 2023 Two adjacent workshops are organized together with Agile Prague 2023:

Discounted combo registrations are available.

Open Space

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a conference that included all of the topics that are most interesting to you? A conference that addressed your most pressing questions?
That’s what the Open Space sessions are for. It’s the part of the conference that you get to design.

Join the lunch Open Space and deepen your learning experience. 


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Speakers Information Page


We start registration on Monday at 8:30 am, conference opening is at 9 am. All you need to get your badge is your name and mention you are a speaker. We have speaker's badges in a separate pile.



Please use this form to register

If you haven't done that yet, book your accommodation.

Our venue is the same as last year at OK System:

In every room, there shall be a volunteer who can help with any technical issues. We have also a flipchart in each room. All talks will be recorded and shared at Agile Prague Conference site. 

Please check the online program in case of any last minute changes.

We would appreciate if you help us with a coaching clinic and stay over the open space, breaks, and lunch to talk with attendees. 



From the airport we suggest you get an Uber. It's the most simple way how to get to your hotel.

For traveling around the city, public transport is safe and not expensive. 

As I already wrote, you are very much welcome to spend a weekend at Prague, Katy - our private guide will be ready to plan some trips around the city or suggest some trips outside of Prague.


For Sunday speaker's dinner we most likely go to Kolkovna (walking distance from all recommended hotels). 

Time: 7pm

Budějovická 1518/13a, Praha 4 



Mon Sep 18 after the first day of the conference we invite you to the Friend's dinner and party around 7pm most likely at Salanda Pankrác (walking distance from the venue)

Na Strži 2097/63, Praha 4-Pankrác 



If anything happens you can send an email (conference [at], or WhatsApp Zuzi (+420 602 373 307)


Help us to promote Agile Prague Conference in your network. Agile Prague has an exceptional program at a very affordable price. Tweet about your talk with #AgilePrague tag.  

Here are some customized images for each speaker to use.

For updates please follow our twitter @agileprague. 

Looking forward to see you.


Time TimerIn every room, there are going to be: Time Timer clock set up by volunteers on the 45min keynote / 30min talk / 20min case-study timeframe.

Please keep an eye on them as the next speaker follows right after. 



Please bring your computer with presentation and adapter to HDMI. Each room has HDMI cable (VGA also available), with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 px, 16:9). One microphone is a headset and the Large room might have additional hand microphone for the second speaker.

There is also one flipchart with few markers in each room.

The Window area is without a projector and speakers are advised to use flipchart/handouts instead.