Agile Prague 2017 - Press release

We just published Agile Prague 2017 official press release. It's available in CTK news service (in Czech).

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Presentations 2017

Agile Prague 2017 is over, but you can refresh your memory reading through presentations (we will share all presentations as soon as we got them):

Linda Rising: Moral Foundations Theory: help to address conflict

Johanna Rothman: Agile Program Management: Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization

Johanna Rothman: Learn to Say “No” and End Your Multitasking!

Joshua Kerievsky: Modern Agile

Zuzana Sochova: Great ScrumMaster

Petri Heiramo: Teams - Easier Said And Done

Sean Barrett: How Vistaprint aligns the Enterprise Direction and with the Teams’ Efforts

Elisabeth Richter: More Scrum Masters – LeSS Collaboration?

Anton Brezina: Bugfighter 101 - Fighting bugs or piling them?

Fabian Schiller: Stories from 1001 Retrospectives

Danny Kovatch: 10 main methods of how NOT to implement Agile in an organization

Steve Spearman: Options and Patterns for Agile Scaling

Peter Stevens: How to do more that matters

Otto Berkes: Imagine A World Without Agile

John Le Drew: Swearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions

Andrea Provaglio: Rethinking Agile Leadership (Shifting Consciousness)

Wolfgang Richter: LeSS at an Austrian Insurance Company - A Case Study

Stanislava Potupchik: Beauty and evil of serious games

Apeksha Patel: Estimates are never wrong! Reduce cost of delay than trying to right the estimates

Fred Williams: Story Shapes

Travis Birch: Evolutionary Policy Design

Tomas Kejzlar: How to Bullsh*t about Agile

Jan Svoboda: My Personal DevOps Journey: From Pipelines to Platforms

Karel Smutny: More with LeSS in Ataccama

Nataliia Ksenzhek: Forget about Agile for a second!

Day 1

agile Prague 2017 - Day 1

Day 2

Agile Prague 2017 - Day 2